Some expressions following to Invite someone.

-Would you like to…..

-Would you mind joining us to….

-Would you like to come along ?

-Would you care to…

-would you be interested in …

-How about ….

-How would you like to…

-Do you want to …….

-Do think you can come to …

-would you be able to

-Shall we…

-What about…

-Let’s …..

-Why don’t we…

-Won’t you….

-We would like to invite you for ..

-We would like to have you for ..

-We would like to join us you for ..

-We want/hope you to join us for ..

-If you are not busy, please …..

-if you are free can you …..

-If you don’t have any other plans would you ……

-I’d like you to come to dinner.

-I’d like to ask you to come swimming.

-Would you like to go to the theater with me on Saturday night?

-How about going to the football match with me tomorrow afternoon?

Response Receiving Invitations

-I’m pleased to do that.

– With pleasure.

-That would be nice.

-I will.

-All right

-Wonderful / Great

-I did love/like to

– I did glad/happy to

-that sounds be terrific/fun/wonderful

– we ‘d be verry happy to come

-Thanks for asking/inviting me the invitation.

-Thank you, I’d be glad to go.

-Yes, thank you. I’d be happy to go.

-Thank you so much for inviting me.

-Let’s meet at the school canteen.

-Yes, I’d love to.



-All right

Response Refuse of Invitations

-I’d love to, but….

-I’d love to, but I can’t….

-I’d love to, but I won’t be able to

-I’m sorry I can’t, I have to …

-That would be nice but I don’t have time.

-I wish I could, but…

-I’m afraid I can’t.Thanks anyway

-Thank you but I have another program.

-Thank you for asking me,but…

-Thank you very much,but….

-Thanks but I’m afraid I can’t. I have …..

-I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can.

-Sorry, I can’t. (But thanks anyway).

-I’m so sorry, I’ll be very busy tomorrow night.

-I’m afraid that’s not too good fro me, what about after lunch?

Examples :

Study the dialogue below!
Dan   : Have you got anything to do night, Deby?
Deby : I don’t think so. Why?
Dani   : My Friends is going to celebrate his wedding party tonight. He invited me. I don’t want to
go allone. I don’t know withy whom should i go there. Would you like to accompany me, Dani?
Deby : I’d (would) love to, but what time, Dani?
Dani : What about at seven o’clock? I’ll pick you up.
Deby : Ok that’s fine.
Dani : Thank’s, Deby you’re very kind.


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