Expression of Surprise and Disbelief

Some expressing of surprise and disbelief in formal and informal.


I find that very surprising.

I must say it surprises me.

I find it extraordinary.


How very surprising.

I must say it surprises me.



That’s very surprising.Really?


Is she?

That is a surprise.

What a surprise.

Good heavens.

That’s amazing/extraordinary.

My goodness.

What?No! I don’t believe it!

Are you serious?

Well, I never!

Oh, no!


You don’t say.

Who’d have thought it?

Fancy that.

You’re kidding.



Are you serious?No! I don’t believe it.

You must be joking.

You’re kidding.

Expressing disbelief
Really?That’s very surprising.

What a surprise!

My goodness.

Expressing surprise



Alex     :  I went to Soraksan last weekend.

Brian     :  Really, who did you go with?

Alex     :  Only my girlfriend and I went.

Brian     :  You’re kidding… your girlfriend went with you?

Did anyone else go?

Alex     :  No, just the two of us.  We had a great time.

We climbed Sorak Mountain, had dinner at the Kensington Hotel

and climbed up to Teetering Rock.  It was incredible.

Brian     :  Let me get this straight.

You and your girlfriend went alone to   Sorak?

What about her folks and your folks, did they know about this trip.

Alex     :  Oh yeah…it was no problem.

Brian     :  Seriously,… I find this hard to believe… I know your parents,

they wouldn’t allow this.

Alex     :  Honestly, it was no problem

Brian     :  Wow, I wish my folks were that liberal and open-minded.


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